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- If, after the first twenty minutes, you don't know who the fish at the table is, it's you.

The good kind of FISH at the poker table
Author: AJ Chainey

A couple of years ago a new concept emerged in work place across America about having fun while at work. The idea being the more fun one has at work, the more they enjoy their jobs, the more productive they are and ultimately the more money the company makes. The "Fish" concept was developed by fish mongers at Pike Place Market in Seattle. There are 4 basic principles: Choose your attitude, Be there, Play and Make Their Day. Can this concept move from the board room to the poker room? Does adopting this principle pay off in the long run as it does for companies?

Normally anything to do with fish and poker should be avoided. The last thing that you want is to be the fish. However, this fish may be good for you. The first principle is to choose your attitude. Simply, it is what attitude you choose to bring to work or the poker table. You make the choice. You can be surly, happy, aloof, whatever you fancy. It is more profitable and better for you to bring a positive attitude about having fun. That is right, focus on what brought you to the game in the first place, having a good time. I know that you have seen a thousand suck outs and bad beats and that you may be bitter and jaded. However, if you don't approach the game with a positive attitude, there probably is no point even sitting down in the first place as mentally you have already lost.

The second principle is to be there. "I am at the table, I am there" is what you may be thinking. However, being there in this instance means that you are focused and paying attention. Whether it is with customers or other players, you need to be engaged with them and learning about them. If you are plugged into an iPod, surfing the net if you are on line, or participating in any other activity other than studying and learning from other players then you are not there. You may be missing out on information that will cost you money. While you are surfing the internet for the latest escapades of Paris Hilton, you may miss someone showing you their cards which gives you a virtual key to how they play.

The third principle is: Play. "Again, I am at the table playing, what do you mean play?" Well, like being there, play has a slightly different meaning. This means to joke around, have fun without being a jerk. People would rather lose their money to the person that is getting along with everyone and having a good time rather than the loose cannon who berates everyone for how they play. People will want to stick around and keep donating chips to you rather than looking for a seat at another table. This does not mean that you have to do a stand up routine, it just means have a good time and allow others to have a good time with you. If the table is having fun there is a sense that everyone is friends. Do you know what friends do? They confide in each other. People will be more apt to show you their cards..."look I had you, good lay down". More information for you, more learning opportunities and more money in you pocket.

Finally the fourth principle, make their day. The idea is that you made them feel good in some way that they want to return. In business it means repeat customers that bring friends back with them. The same goes for poker. People have a good time and want to come back and may bring their friends with them. More customers, more money.

Where would you rather play, the quiet hostile table or the fun table full of laughter? You would rather play at the table that pays more money. If you use these principles to your advantage you should have great success. If you end up losing all your money, well, at least you had fun doing it. So choose the right attitude, be there, play and make their day so that you can make your day. It makes millions for companies in the business world, why not make it work for you too?

Written by AJ Chainey at Ace Jack Online. Article Source: - The Good Kind of Fish at the Poker Table